What to do for a job or hobby when you full-time

August 24th, 2009

A common question for those RVer\’s who would like to retire and go full-time in their RV, is what do I do for a hobby? For certain retirees who did not save up enough of a nest egg and/or need the extra money, the question might also be, what do I do for a job while I am a full-timer? The question of a job also comes about for those who have not yet reached retirement age, but would like to full-time in an RV and work from a beautiful location instead of an office.

Although, there are mostly minimal costs associated with full-time retirement RVing, site fees alone can run $400-$1000 a month (which most often includes electric, laundry, and propane) and if much traveling is involved, gas/diesel prices can be substantial since most RV\’s get poor gas mileage.

So, what kinds of hobbies and jobs do retired full-timers and/or non-retired full-timers do? Here are some examples:

  • Workcamping- Volunteering around a campground by hosting,Each best-data-recovery.com recovery module focuses on different best-data-recovery.com loss case. cleaning, doing maintenance, etc. in exchange for site fees
  • Computer support jobs
  • Temporary employment- A job for 6 months out of the year while staying in the same place, then moving on.
  • Entertainment business jobs- Sea World, Disney, Branson, Gatlinburg
  • Artists – painters, etc.
  • Jobs in the event circuit business- Ex. Taking photos at race events, producing the photos, and selling them on the circuit
  • Medical Transcriptionist jobs
  • Online index database jobs
  • Proofreading
  • Construction Jobs
  • Repair Jobs
  • Landscaping Jobs
  • Traveling nurse jobs
  • Part-time work as tour/charter bus driver, at private RV parks, at chain RV parks
  • Volunteer work for National Park Service
  • Volunteer work at retreat center
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Ranger jobs
  • Seasonal Park Ranger positions

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