Enjoy Retirement Travel with Dale and Mary Lynn

September 16th, 2009

Tiffin Allegro Bay interior

No Reservations, No Plans, No Worries….that’s the motto of Dale and Mary Lynn on the blog Dale and Mary Lynn’s Travels. Dale and Mary Lynn received a surprise offer of early retirement effective in June 2007 and since then have been traveling the country…and boy have they traveled in their retirement! On their 2009 retirement RV vacation, from which they just returned home to Maryland in August 2009, Dale and Mary Lynn were gone 226 days and 8 hours! They traveled to 21 States (including Alaska), two Canadian Provinces, and one Canadian territory. Follow Dale and Mary Lynn as they travel the country in their 2008 37 foot Tiffin Allegro Bay by going to Dale and Mary Lynn’s Travels.

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