Winterizing your Retirement RV

September 30th, 2009

For those of you who are retired RVer’s but are not winter_rvsnowbirds, it is time to start thinking about winterizing your RV. Here are a couple of RV winterizing tips that especially work well in travel trailers and pop-up campers:

1. Get the RV tanks as empty as possible. NOTE: Gray water and black water tanks should NOT be left completely empty. Most gray tanks do not have a flush system and even when the black tank does have a flush system it doesn’t get rid of all of the solids. Emptying the tanks completely will just allow these remaining solids to turn hard over the winter and can cause clogs later on. Drain and close the tanks, then add a little water and anti-freeze.

2. Use a half gallon of the pink anti-freeze and pour it down the toilet and the other half gallon and pour it down the shower. This will put the anti-freeze down at the drain valves, so that they won’t freeze and crack. Remember that anti-freeze is cheap and much more affordable than replacing RV parts.

3. Fill the toilet with anti-freeze until it is filled to just above the seal. Also do the same thing with the drain traps on all of the sinks, the indoor shower, and the outdoor shower (if applicable). This will help the seals from drying out.

If you can, check your RV later in the winter to make sure that the anti-freeze hasn’t evaporated or leaked through the seal. If it has, pour more anti-freeze into the traps and toilet.

Protect your retirement RV now and be ready for next camping season.  Need to find a destination to snowbird or want to experience some winter weather in your RV?  Check out this site for RV Vacation advice.

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