Retirement RV Blog- Make sure to Back it Up

November 10th, 2009

rv_blogI must admit, even a couple of years ago, I didn’t really have a full appreciation for blogs and why you would write a blog. Now, my knowledge and propensity toward the subject has changed pretty drastically and apparently it has also changed for many others. “In December 2008 and April 2009, studies showed that around 11 percent of Internet users were using a microblogging or status updating service. That number has now risen to 19 percent, one out of every five Internet users.” (Source: Jolie O-Neil, Read, Write, Web)

I am even going to go out on a limb and say that RVer’s, especially retired full time RVer’s, love to blog. And why not? Blogging is really perfect for retirement RV owners. Just spend any amount of time on RV forums and you will learn the first rule of trip reporting is to post pictures. Blogs allow you to post pictures and tell the story of your travels. Fulltimers love blogging, because it affords them a way to document their travels for future reference and remembrance. Blogs also allow fulltimers to share their destinations, stories, and journeys with their friends and family at home. On this day alone, I counted around 500 RV Travel blogs available through sites like HitchItch and

So, with so many RV blogs out there, it makes sense that RVer’s would want to preserve their blog by using a service that ensures that they will not lose all of their documented travels. While reading the other day, I came across a great blog post by Rod and Jean B entitled, “Blog Backup” and what a great idea. In their blog post, Rod and Jean suggest using the service Blog 2 Print. There are also back-up methods offered through the most popular blogger websites including the Blogger Blog Send (which I believe can be set through your Blogger settings) and WordPress Codex.

So, all of you retirement RV bloggers out there, make sure to document your travels for the rest of us to read about, but also make sure to back-up your blog through a database back-up type of service. If you would like to get started in a full time retirement RV, find your perfect RV through the RV Finder on this site.

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