Top Ten Reasons to Retirement RV

November 24th, 2009

retirement_rversThere are so many reasons to retire in a RV. So, how do you choose just a few for a short list?  The Top 5 reasons are shown in this post and the next Top 5 will be shown in the next post here on Retirement RVs.  Here are Retirement RVs top 10 reason’s to choose retirement RVing, in no particular order:

10.  Learning –  Not only are there interesting new things to learn about your Retirement RV, there are countless new places to learn about around the United States.  Not only can you visit our National Parks, there are countless historic homes, museums, and historic sites to learn about all of the historical moments that you didn’t quite grasp from the school history books.  If you would like to learn more about living the frugal life through RVing, check out this free RV Lifestyle webinar.

9.  Meeting new friends – RVer’s have the reputation of being some of the friendliest folks around, so it is fairly easy to meet new people, who eventually become new friends.  Some retirement RVer’s meet on the RV Forum’s through common interest topics and decide to meet up if their paths cross in the same State or at the same RV Show or rally.  Some RVer’s meet nice RV neighbors at the RV campground and become life long friends. You never know who you will meet when you Go RVing.

8.  Reconnecting with family –  Some non-RVer’s (and sometimes some RVer’s) wonder how your marriage can survive fulltime RVing.  Other RVer’s wonder how your marriage can survive WITHOUT fulltime RVing.  No matter if you are a fulltime retirement RVer or you RV for short vacations, RVing is an excellent way to reconnect with your family.  You have many hours on the road to just talk to each other, you have many hours around the campfire to tell stories, you have the boundless beauty of nature (without the TV blaring in the background) to really listen to each other.  Take your grandkids with you to really get to know them or allow your adult children to visit for mini vacations and learn what’s happened with them in the past couple of years.  The chances to reconnect with family are endless when you RV.

7.  A new challenge –  You have put in your years of work, you have raised your children, you have been involved in your community…now what?  Is it time for a new challenge?  Retirement RVing can be the perfect choice for a new challenge.  Research which motorhome is the best choice for your needs through a RV Finder and reading RV Forum posts.  Learn how to drive the RV, pack the RV, set up the RV, run the RV generator, and book reservations.  RVing 101 type articles can help.  There is never a shortage of new challenges and exciting adventures when you retirement RV.

6.  Mobility –  Need to get to a family members wedding?  Going to a out-of-State family reunion?  Want to visit your family who lives across the country?  Needing to help someone move? When you have a retirement RV, it is so easy to go anywhere at the drop of a hat.  You have all of the comforts of home and it is so easy to be mobile.

Next post, Reasons for Retirement RVing, numbers 1-5.

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