Reasons to Retirement RV – Top Five

December 11th, 2009

top_five_reasons_retirement_rv1.  Staying Warm– Become a snowbird or fulltime RVer and travel south for the winter.  No more shoveling snow, slipping on ice, or bundling up tight.  You choose when it is time to head to a warmer climate and then you bring all of the comforts of home with you in your retirement RV.  Choose a retirement RV community to spend the winter in or reserve a spot in a RV resort from year to year.

2.  Seeing the Country – Retirement RVs offer unprecedented ability to travel and see the country.  From Yellowstone National Park to the fall colors in Maine to the redwoods of California to the beaches of Florida, having an RV makes it so easy to see all of the beautiful areas that the United States and even Canada have to offer.  No more just going on a short RV Vacation, these beautiful areas can be your living room every day.

3.  Downsizing –  Buying a RV for retirement forces you to pare down all of the “things” that you have accumulated through years of living in a “sticks and bricks” house.  Because your motorhome has much less square footage, cabinets, and closet space, retirees must choose which items are most important to them and keep only those items.

4.  Living on a budget – Especially if you already own your RV, retirement RVing can offer a very economical way to live.  If you are on a fixed budget, this can be music to your ears.  Choose to boondock most of the time, workcamp in exchange for your site fees, or stay in campsites for an extended period of time to save on gas.  RVing in retirement can be very economical compared to living in a fixed location.  You save on having multiple vehicles, having to maintain outside areas, decorations, and heating & cooling a large space.

5.  Change of scenery – We already mentioned all of the State Parks, National Parks, and scenic byways that are extremely easy to capture out the window of your RV, but don’t forget another obvious benefit of retirement RVing, the change of scenery.  If you get bored of being in a certain place, just move the RV.  If you have noisy (or nosey) neighbors, just move the RV.  You get the idea.  Find RV Sales and change your scenery.

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