Retirement RV Workamping – Details about living on the Cheap

December 28th, 2009

work_camp_picBack in August, we wrote about jobs and hobbies to do while you full-time RV or snowbird. Now we will go into a little more detail about what these jobs and hobbies are and how to obtain these positions.

The first job that we covered was Workamping (or work camping). Workamping is growing rapidly, especially as retirement RVing and fulltime RVing both increase in popularity. Workkampers traditionally live in their motorhome and serve as camp hosts, do maintenance, or serve in other skilled jobs and receive free campsite fees and sometimes a small salary in return. A workamper could actually be a couple, single person, or family. Workampers also can be retired or non-retired fulltime RVers.

The nice thing about workamping is that you can choose different locations around the country based upon your desired location and/or the part of the country you want to see. Want a Grand Canyon RV vacation on a limited budget? Secure a workamping post close to the Grand Canyon. Always wanted to go on a Yellowstone National Park RV vacation? See about workamping opportunities in Wyoming or Montana.

If you would like to try to be a workamper, here are some resources for you:
1. – Recreation Resource Management’s website showing you work camping opportunities in the United States and how to apply for a workamping position with Recreation Resource Management.

2. RV Park Store– Work camping jobs and camp host positions throughout the country.

3. – Helps great people find great jobs in great places. Many workamping resources to find the perfect work camping job for you.

In addition to work camping in the traditional sense, others also find seasonal work at Amazon and other companies. Check out this neat article about Amazon and work for RVers and check back at our next retirement RV’s post for more details about jobs and hobbies for full-time RVers.

  1. Ocean2026
    February 2nd, 2010 at 13:27 | #1

    I have some really beautiful land that needs work and a poster on the modular homes Wyonet suggested I find an RV workcamper or several.

    These are mostly retired people who travel or like scenic warm places but instead of paying at RV parks with bunches of others he said my land would be perfect for this type of person/family. I just put the following on but figured i might as well put it here too

    I have (depending on lake level 192 acres or so ( minimum 75 dry acres) of different vegetation including Pecan Trees and lots of deer- two relocated friendly possums (if you can find them) and many birds that sing early am and pm etc. Its quiet and safe 30 min into Cal Allen (Corpus Christi) and 85 minutes into San Antonio. Its only 1.4 miles west of the Swinny Switch Exit on Interstate 37 ( then down hwy 534 and turn left south on peninsula drive. There are 4-5 houses on the west side of the street all nice friendly people and one would drive to the end and then a dirt road goes another half mile or so.

    There are electricity poles and there have been wells and probably septics. They may need some work to reactivate -frankly I know little about this- I’m a school board member and attorney in Rockport. Some landscaping would also help. One day I may put a modular home there but can’t at the moment. There is at least one pier in reasonable shape.

    This could accommodate quite a few RVs and have heard it was an RV park years ago. Id rather just have a few RVs so they won’t even see the others and they will feel like they are completely in a natural surrounding.

    Some dirt work to build up the some of the lily pond areas would also help.

    Someone could also run some llamas or such but there would be fencing on some sides necessary.

    I love this land its rolling and diverse and even in winter like today its about 60 degrees – usually warmer. There is a general store next to the freeway and the town of Mathis is 10 miles south.

    Give me some suggestions – offers! Steve Fischer

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