Jobs you can do while you fulltime RV

January 11th, 2010

fulltime_rv_jobsIn continuing our discussion from last post, in this post we cover more jobs that you can do while you fulltime RV.  Some  careers can be done remotely and over the computer, perfect for retirement RVers or non-retired fulltime RV owners.  Computer support jobs, online index database jobs, computer programming jobs, freelance writing, and website design jobs are all examples of professions that can go very well with retirement or early retirement to a motorhome.  Especially now that laptop computers and wireless Internet are becoming readily available to the RVing public, these jobs have become more and more practical.


Almost all of the above mentioned careers require some sort of specialized degree or training.  Try to plan ahead if possible, if you are not already trained in these fields.  A few years before you want to retirement RV, find a college or technical school in your current area that offers the training you need and enroll in classes.


See if you can get some experience on your resume in these fields.  This can even be done by offering your services for free to a local non-profit group or club.  Offering your services will allow you to build your resume (making you more appealing to businesses who would consider hiring you and let you work remotely) and provide a nice service to a worthy group of your choice.


Begin looking for different online work opportunities in the field of your choice.  Try searching job search engines like Monster, Careerbuilder, and/or for jobs that will let you work remotely or telecommute.  You can also tap into the resources and contacts that you have made from years of working, by spreading the word that you are looking for a flexible work situation.  See if any of your existing network needs your help or knows of someone who does.  Posting a profile on a website like LinkedIn can be a good start.  Starting this search early will allow you to have a better idea of where to look for employment when you finally take the plunge in a full time retirement RV lifestyle.

So remember, no matter whether you are planning to retire to a Class A Motorhome, travel trailer, or fifth wheel…if you need a job to help support your full-time retirement RV living, make sure to observe some of the tips above for a successful venture.

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