Full-Time RV Jobs -Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off to Temp Work We Go

January 25th, 2010

temporary_warehouse_jobJobs that you can do while you full time RV.  That is a common concern among retired and non-retired fulltime RVers. In this post we will talk about temporary employment as a way of helping to finance your fulltime retirement RV lifestyle.  Temporary employment means that you stay in one spot for a period of time and then move on to another retirement RV adventure.  Some businesses hire workers for seasonal or short-term work situations.  Retirement and non-retired fulltime RVers can be great hiring options for these businesses.

One temporary employment example is Amazon.  Out of their distribution center in Coffeyville, KS, Amazon hires seasonal workers for their Christmas season. The pay isn’t high, just above $10 per hour, but working for Amazon does offer a large amount of work in a small amount of time.  Amazon likes retirement and non-retired fulltime RVer’s because they are often enthusiastic workers who have professional level skills from their previous employment, before they headed out looking for RV sales, and took to the road fulltime.  Retirement RV owners also allow Amazon to have “local” help, since an RVer’s home can be “right down the street” in a short amount of time.

Another possible idea for temporary employment is driving a tour bus in places like Alaska, catering to others who have chosen an Alaska RV Vacation.  There are many tour operating companies in Alaska, search for some on the Internet and check out their hiring process in advance.   Construction and repair jobs most often fall under the “temporary employment” category as well, since both kinds of jobs are largely dependent upon the weather conditions.  Lastly, there are often seasonal Park Ranger positions that you can check into as a source of temporary employment.

So, how do you find these temporary jobs that are perfect for retired RV owners?  First try the Internet and look for temporary employment agencies.  These agencies are in touch with businesses who require short-term or seasonal help and can get you in touch with the right people.  Also try searching the major job search engines like CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Monster for temporary employment positions.

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