Want a Fun & Unique Retirement RV Option: Consider Workamping

April 4th, 2012

2012 Alpine Fifth Wheel

Alpine Fifth Wheel with Rear Living

So, you have retired and you just bought a fifth wheel with rear living. Now you are ready to head out on the road for some relaxation and a bit of adventure. Your husband is worried that he is going to go absolutely stir crazy at the RV resort for the summer. To be honest, you are a bit concerned that he is going to drive you nuts when he runs out of things to adjust on the camper by 10 AM!  How about heading out to that place you have always wanted to go on an extended RV vacation and checking into a position as a handyman at the resort?

Did you know that you can make enough money while on the road to live in your RV fulltime plus travel and enjoy life? Or even just supplement your retirement income?

Workamper is the term used to describe those that live full time in their RV while performing seasonal work wherever their travel takes them. There is a whole network of Workamping websites available to put you in touch with job opportunities and with other like-minded RVers. It is not just being a retiree that works in a campground in exchange for a place to park your RV. Truly, if you sleep in your RV and conduct an activity in exchange for something of value, you can be counted as a Workamper. There are a lot of position that provide you with income beyond your lot with hookup.

Want to travel to the mountains of North Carolina? Think about working on a guest ranch during the summer season. Want to spend the winter months someplace warmer? Consider a resort in the southwest where you can enjoy the warmth and others that are getting away from the cold too! Have you always wanted to follow your favorite race car driver but just thought there was no way you could afford it? Consider being an usher, parking attendant, concession worker or more within your favorite motorsport industry.

If you can dream it, Workamping can be just about anything you want it to be. Some of the jobs available in Workamping are at campgrounds and RV parks, theme or amusement parks, tourist attractions, carnivals or circuses, ranches or lodges, retreat centers, or motorsports activities. You can also think about business and income opportunities via snack bar sales, souvenir sales and many more.

So if you think that you are ready to head out in your RV fulltime, but you just aren’t sure how you can afford it … take a look at the lifestyle of a Workamper!

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