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Retirement RV Workamping – Details about living on the Cheap

December 28th, 2009 1 comment

work_camp_picBack in August, we wrote about jobs and hobbies to do while you full-time RV or snowbird. Now we will go into a little more detail about what these jobs and hobbies are and how to obtain these positions.

The first job that we covered was Workamping (or work camping). Workamping is growing rapidly, especially as retirement RVing and fulltime RVing both increase in popularity. Workkampers traditionally live in their motorhome and serve as camp hosts, do maintenance, or serve in other skilled jobs and receive free campsite fees and sometimes a small salary in return. A workamper could actually be a couple, single person, or family. Workampers also can be retired or non-retired fulltime RVers.

The nice thing about workamping is that you can choose different locations around the country based upon your desired location and/or the part of the country you want to see. Want a Grand Canyon RV vacation on a limited budget? Secure a workamping post close to the Grand Canyon. Always wanted to go on a Yellowstone National Park RV vacation? See about workamping opportunities in Wyoming or Montana.

If you would like to try to be a workamper, here are some resources for you:
1. – Recreation Resource Management’s website showing you work camping opportunities in the United States and how to apply for a workamping position with Recreation Resource Management.

2. RV Park Store– Work camping jobs and camp host positions throughout the country.

3. – Helps great people find great jobs in great places. Many workamping resources to find the perfect work camping job for you.

In addition to work camping in the traditional sense, others also find seasonal work at Amazon and other companies. Check out this neat article about Amazon and work for RVers and check back at our next retirement RV’s post for more details about jobs and hobbies for full-time RVers.

Reasons to Retirement RV – Top Five

December 11th, 2009 Comments off

top_five_reasons_retirement_rv1.  Staying Warm– Become a snowbird or fulltime RVer and travel south for the winter.  No more shoveling snow, slipping on ice, or bundling up tight.  You choose when it is time to head to a warmer climate and then you bring all of the comforts of home with you in your retirement RV.  Choose a retirement RV community to spend the winter in or reserve a spot in a RV resort from year to year.

2.  Seeing the Country – Retirement RVs offer unprecedented ability to travel and see the country.  From Yellowstone National Park to the fall colors in Maine to the redwoods of California to the beaches of Florida, having an RV makes it so easy to see all of the beautiful areas that the United States and even Canada have to offer.  No more just going on a short RV Vacation, these beautiful areas can be your living room every day.

3.  Downsizing –  Buying a RV for retirement forces you to pare down all of the “things” that you have accumulated through years of living in a “sticks and bricks” house.  Because your motorhome has much less square footage, cabinets, and closet space, retirees must choose which items are most important to them and keep only those items.

4.  Living on a budget – Especially if you already own your RV, retirement RVing can offer a very economical way to live.  If you are on a fixed budget, this can be music to your ears.  Choose to boondock most of the time, workcamp in exchange for your site fees, or stay in campsites for an extended period of time to save on gas.  RVing in retirement can be very economical compared to living in a fixed location.  You save on having multiple vehicles, having to maintain outside areas, decorations, and heating & cooling a large space.

5.  Change of scenery – We already mentioned all of the State Parks, National Parks, and scenic byways that are extremely easy to capture out the window of your RV, but don’t forget another obvious benefit of retirement RVing, the change of scenery.  If you get bored of being in a certain place, just move the RV.  If you have noisy (or nosey) neighbors, just move the RV.  You get the idea.  Find RV Sales and change your scenery.

Top Ten Reasons to Retirement RV

November 24th, 2009 Comments off

retirement_rversThere are so many reasons to retire in a RV. So, how do you choose just a few for a short list?  The Top 5 reasons are shown in this post and the next Top 5 will be shown in the next post here on Retirement RVs.  Here are Retirement RVs top 10 reason’s to choose retirement RVing, in no particular order:

10.  Learning –  Not only are there interesting new things to learn about your Retirement RV, there are countless new places to learn about around the United States.  Not only can you visit our National Parks, there are countless historic homes, museums, and historic sites to learn about all of the historical moments that you didn’t quite grasp from the school history books.  If you would like to learn more about living the frugal life through RVing, check out this free RV Lifestyle webinar.

9.  Meeting new friends – RVer’s have the reputation of being some of the friendliest folks around, so it is fairly easy to meet new people, who eventually become new friends.  Some retirement RVer’s meet on the RV Forum’s through common interest topics and decide to meet up if their paths cross in the same State or at the same RV Show or rally.  Some RVer’s meet nice RV neighbors at the RV campground and become life long friends. You never know who you will meet when you Go RVing.

8.  Reconnecting with family –  Some non-RVer’s (and sometimes some RVer’s) wonder how your marriage can survive fulltime RVing.  Other RVer’s wonder how your marriage can survive WITHOUT fulltime RVing.  No matter if you are a fulltime retirement RVer or you RV for short vacations, RVing is an excellent way to reconnect with your family.  You have many hours on the road to just talk to each other, you have many hours around the campfire to tell stories, you have the boundless beauty of nature (without the TV blaring in the background) to really listen to each other.  Take your grandkids with you to really get to know them or allow your adult children to visit for mini vacations and learn what’s happened with them in the past couple of years.  The chances to reconnect with family are endless when you RV.

7.  A new challenge –  You have put in your years of work, you have raised your children, you have been involved in your community…now what?  Is it time for a new challenge?  Retirement RVing can be the perfect choice for a new challenge.  Research which motorhome is the best choice for your needs through a RV Finder and reading RV Forum posts.  Learn how to drive the RV, pack the RV, set up the RV, run the RV generator, and book reservations.  RVing 101 type articles can help.  There is never a shortage of new challenges and exciting adventures when you retirement RV.

6.  Mobility –  Need to get to a family members wedding?  Going to a out-of-State family reunion?  Want to visit your family who lives across the country?  Needing to help someone move? When you have a retirement RV, it is so easy to go anywhere at the drop of a hat.  You have all of the comforts of home and it is so easy to be mobile.

Next post, Reasons for Retirement RVing, numbers 1-5.

Retirement RV Blog- Make sure to Back it Up

November 10th, 2009 Comments off

rv_blogI must admit, even a couple of years ago, I didn’t really have a full appreciation for blogs and why you would write a blog. Now, my knowledge and propensity toward the subject has changed pretty drastically and apparently it has also changed for many others. “In December 2008 and April 2009, studies showed that around 11 percent of Internet users were using a microblogging or status updating service. That number has now risen to 19 percent, one out of every five Internet users.” (Source: Jolie O-Neil, Read, Write, Web)

I am even going to go out on a limb and say that RVer’s, especially retired full time RVer’s, love to blog. And why not? Blogging is really perfect for retirement RV owners. Just spend any amount of time on RV forums and you will learn the first rule of trip reporting is to post pictures. Blogs allow you to post pictures and tell the story of your travels. Fulltimers love blogging, because it affords them a way to document their travels for future reference and remembrance. Blogs also allow fulltimers to share their destinations, stories, and journeys with their friends and family at home. On this day alone, I counted around 500 RV Travel blogs available through sites like HitchItch and

So, with so many RV blogs out there, it makes sense that RVer’s would want to preserve their blog by using a service that ensures that they will not lose all of their documented travels. While reading the other day, I came across a great blog post by Rod and Jean B entitled, “Blog Backup” and what a great idea. In their blog post, Rod and Jean suggest using the service Blog 2 Print. There are also back-up methods offered through the most popular blogger websites including the Blogger Blog Send (which I believe can be set through your Blogger settings) and WordPress Codex.

So, all of you retirement RV bloggers out there, make sure to document your travels for the rest of us to read about, but also make sure to back-up your blog through a database back-up type of service. If you would like to get started in a full time retirement RV, find your perfect RV through the RV Finder on this site.

Jenny Russell writes a series of RV blogs for the RVingPlanet family of sites. To read more of these entries, please go to the RV Blog.

Alaska Retirement RV Park- Reviews

October 27th, 2009 Comments off

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Denali-National-Park-picture\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Are you planning a retirement RV trip to Alaska in the future? Find the best RV parks to book your stay at through this Alaska retirement RV parks link. Go see for yourself what other RVer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s rave about with your own Alaska adventure. Denali National Park and allBenefits of Detoxing detox drinks programs are getting more and more popular as a way to lose weight quickly. ofAs a RED learner youMost artists sleepwalk through Christmas albums, but took this release so seriously that he co-wrote nine of its 15 songs and was motivated to tweet, forget the hype. will benefit from:IntroductoryI try and best detox drink water (5-6 glasses/day). OffersWherever you live in the UK, there\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s always a RED driving schools in the bronx instructor near you. the famous land and water beauty this State has to offer. You could be there as early as next summer. Click here for more Alaska RV Vacation ideas.

Alabama Retirement Park- Reviews

October 13th, 2009 Comments off

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Winterizing your Retirement RV

September 30th, 2009 Comments off

For those of you who are retired RVer’s but are not winter_rvsnowbirds, it is time to start thinking about winterizing your RV. Here are a couple of RV winterizing tips that especially work well in travel trailers and pop-up campers:

1. Get the RV tanks as empty as possible. NOTE: Gray water and black water tanks should NOT be left completely empty. Most gray tanks do not have a flush system and even when the black tank does have a flush system it doesn’t get rid of all of the solids. Emptying the tanks completely will just allow these remaining solids to turn hard over the winter and can cause clogs later on. Drain and close the tanks, then add a little water and anti-freeze.

2. Use a half gallon of the pink anti-freeze and pour it down the toilet and the other half gallon and pour it down the shower. This will put the anti-freeze down at the drain valves, so that they won’t freeze and crack. Remember that anti-freeze is cheap and much more affordable than replacing RV parts.

3. Fill the toilet with anti-freeze until it is filled to just above the seal. Also do the same thing with the drain traps on all of the sinks, the indoor shower, and the outdoor shower (if applicable). This will help the seals from drying out.

If you can, check your RV later in the winter to make sure that the anti-freeze hasn’t evaporated or leaked through the seal. If it has, pour more anti-freeze into the traps and toilet.

Protect your retirement RV now and be ready for next camping season.  Need to find a destination to snowbird or want to experience some winter weather in your RV?  Check out this site for RV Vacation advice.

Enjoy Retirement Travel with Dale and Mary Lynn

September 16th, 2009 Comments off

Tiffin Allegro Bay interior

No Reservations, No Plans, No Worries….that’s the motto of Dale and Mary Lynn on the blog Dale and Mary Lynn’s Travels. Dale and Mary Lynn received a surprise offer of early retirement effective in June 2007 and since then have been traveling the country…and boy have they traveled in their retirement! On their 2009 retirement RV vacation, from which they just returned home to Maryland in August 2009, Dale and Mary Lynn were gone 226 days and 8 hours! They traveled to 21 States (including Alaska), two Canadian Provinces, and one Canadian territory. Follow Dale and Mary Lynn as they travel the country in their 2008 37 foot Tiffin Allegro Bay by going to Dale and Mary Lynn’s Travels.

If you would like to check out a Tiffin Allegro Bay for yourself, go to this RV Sales website.

Movin’ On Books about Fulltime RVing

September 13th, 2009 Comments off


Are you thinking of buying a retirement RV and becoming fulltimers, but do not know where to start? Then you might want to check out two books about full-time RVing, An Alternative Lifestyle–Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle and Movin\\\’ On – Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle.

Both books were written by Ron and Barb Hofmeister who bought a retirement RV and have been full-time RVers since 1989. They set out to write a book about the full-timing RV lifestyle and how to get ready for it so that others would not be afraid to venture out. When the Hofmeisters wrote the first book, there were few books on the subject, andI started my career in education at Lanier High charter schools in the bronx in Austin ISD as a physical education teacher and then became their head football coach. none gave insight to the economic orNow it’s time to find a driving test that will actually teach you to drive. social aspects of full-timing.

An Alternative Lifestyle–Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle, was first released in May of 1992 and after two revisions and many printings has sold over 16,000 copies. Each time the book printed, the Hofmeister\\\’s updated the book so that it was always current. The last printing date was August of 1997. The book which one reviewer described as \\\”a how-to book that reads like an adventure story\\\” is out of print, but the book Movin\\\’ On – Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle has taken it\\\’s place.

To read more about Ron and Barb Hofmeister and where you can buy their books, check out

What to do for a job or hobby when you full-time

August 24th, 2009 1 comment

A common question for those RVer\’s who would like to retire and go full-time in their RV, is what do I do for a hobby? For certain retirees who did not save up enough of a nest egg and/or need the extra money, the question might also be, what do I do for a job while I am a full-timer? The question of a job also comes about for those who have not yet reached retirement age, but would like to full-time in an RV and work from a beautiful location instead of an office.

Although, there are mostly minimal costs associated with full-time retirement RVing, site fees alone can run $400-$1000 a month (which most often includes electric, laundry, and propane) and if much traveling is involved, gas/diesel prices can be substantial since most RV\’s get poor gas mileage.

So, what kinds of hobbies and jobs do retired full-timers and/or non-retired full-timers do? Here are some examples:

  • Workcamping- Volunteering around a campground by hosting,Each recovery module focuses on different loss case. cleaning, doing maintenance, etc. in exchange for site fees
  • Computer support jobs
  • Temporary employment- A job for 6 months out of the year while staying in the same place, then moving on.
  • Entertainment business jobs- Sea World, Disney, Branson, Gatlinburg
  • Artists – painters, etc.
  • Jobs in the event circuit business- Ex. Taking photos at race events, producing the photos, and selling them on the circuit
  • Medical Transcriptionist jobs
  • Online index database jobs
  • Proofreading
  • Construction Jobs
  • Repair Jobs
  • Landscaping Jobs
  • Traveling nurse jobs
  • Part-time work as tour/charter bus driver, at private RV parks, at chain RV parks
  • Volunteer work for National Park Service
  • Volunteer work at retreat center
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Ranger jobs
  • Seasonal Park Ranger positions

If you are interested in learning more, here are further links:

For more information on Work Camping

For more information being a Working Full-timer

For more information on Used RVs to full time in or RV Sales for new RVs.